Installing Sage (Math Library) on Debian Squeeze

First, download the source to some directory (here /usr/local/sage) from one of the official repositories (here it’s at U. of Washington, just for an illustration).  Move to the directory and then

$ wget -c
$ sudo aptitude install gcc g++ gfortran make m4 perl binutils tar
$ tar -xvf sage-4.6.tar
$ sudo mv sage-4.6 /usr/local
$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/sage-4.6 /usr/local/sage
$ cd /usr/local/sage-4.6

If you have a multiprocessor machine,

$ export MAKE="make -j4"

in which I used “4” because I have a quad core machine.  Then

$ make

This is it.

Installing the Python package mpi4py

Go to the Sage installation directory, run Sage:

$ ./sage
sage: optional_packages()
sage: install_package('openmpi-XXX')
sage: install_package('mpi4py-YYY')

I need to change the versions XXX and YYY of Open MPI and mpi4py depending on the ones found in the list obtained by optional_package().

That’s it.

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5 Responses to Installing Sage (Math Library) on Debian Squeeze

  1. scott stornetta says:

    based on your post, decided to take the leap and try installing sage on a new linode with debian 6, as i wanted to move my sage development off of my laptop onto a vps. really appreciate you taking the time post this. I’m puzzled why, given how popular the OS is, there isn’t a standard sage binary for debian 6. thoughts?

    • Taro says:

      Scott — What I read is that the way Sage is packaged (really a collection of various math libraries) makes it difficult to adapt to the Debian style of packaging. There have been attempts to make an apt package I think, but none have been successful I suppose.

  2. scott stornetta says:

    (Just a note to anyone else that does this.) Above instructions worked fine for me, but on a linode VPS it took four hours to install, apparently the majority of which was the ATLAS tuning of the linear algebra package.

  3. Jad Nohra says:

    You can speed up the install dramatically by setting the SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH environment variable (e.g: SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH=Corei7,SSE3,SSE2,SSE1)
    Quote: ‘You drastically reduce the total Sage compile time if you manually select a suitable architecture’ from

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