I Was a Great TA

and I have a letter from my student to prove it:

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From: mary watson
Subject: grading our first lab
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Hello Taro Sato,

     I am a student in one of your labs. Im writing this email to let you know
that I feel you made a huge mistake grading our first lab. You never told us
how you wanted us to write the lab. Most of us were misled into thinking that
all we needed to do was answer the questions in the lab write up. This was not
our fault, and therefore, our grades should not reflect upon your mistake.
Curving our grades in the end is not nearly sufficient enough. At the very
least, you could throw that grade out or let us rewrite our first lab. You are
nothing less than a complete coward and a bastard if you decide to pass even a
shread of the responsibility for your mistake onto us.

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