Installing ATLAS on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Installing from Fink


$ fink install atlas atlas-shlibs

That’s it.  They will be installed under /sw/lib.

Installing from Source (Recommended if Building Other Software That Depends on ATLAS)

First of all, I need a FORTRAN compiler, so install it.  I recommend using the Mac installer from the GCC Wiki site, so that GFortran won’t end up having hard-to-track-down dependencies.

I download tarballs for ATLAS and LAPACK from the official repositories.  Here I use ATLAS 3.9.32 and LAPACK 3.3.0.  I assume the compiled library and header files will be installed at /usr/local/atlas.

Here is the procedure:

$ mkdir tmp
$ cd tmp
$ wget
... download the tarball for ATLAS from sourceforge ...
$ tar -xvjf atlas3.9.32.tar.bz2
$ mv ATLAS atlas-3.9.32
$ ln -s atlas-3.9.32 atlas
$ cd atlas
$ mkdir bld
$ cd bld
$ ../configure -b 64 --shared --prefix=/usr/local/atlas-3.9.32 \
$ make build

If I wish to do some checking, do:

$ make check
$ make time

(I may wish to compare the output with doc/atlas_install.pdf.)

If I don’t find any problem, do:

$ sudo make install
$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/atlas-3.9.32 /usr/local/atlas

That’s it.

Update History

November 24, 2010 – Added the Fink section.  Using the most recent versions of ATLAS and LAPACK.  Made the install directory more explicit to the version installed.

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7 Responses to Installing ATLAS on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

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  3. blundgr says:

    One must execute the following command before trying “make check”:

    $ make build

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  5. Nor says:

    I am having problems getting ATLAS to compile under OSX 10.7.3 with gcc 4.2 (latest one from Apple) and a working gfortran.
    The code compiles properly but ranlib fails at every step so that I end up missing a few of the ATLAS libraries needed by Sextractor. How did you get around the ran lib problem?

    • Taro says:

      Nor — I’m sorry I’ve overlooked your comment for so long. This blog receives so many spams but little attentions, I haven’t been cleaning up my message folder for so long.

      My short answer would be that I really don’t know about OS X 10.7.3, since my office iMac is still on Snow Leopard.

      Thanks for all your work on Scisoft by the way!!

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