Creativity Meets Science

Okome Studio is a San Francisco-based software technology service consultancy. Its focus is on data analysis and data software product development. It is a mom-and-pop (more like a single dude) development studio founded by Taro Sato, a scientist by nature and a programmer by experience, to realize his passion for building data software products from the ground up under lean principles.

What is behind Okome?

well-cooked okome

Short-grain Japonica white rice, okome has been the staple of Japan with over 2,000 years of history. Served warm and fluff, okome alone tastes plain and basic, yet it enhances the flavor of any accompanying dish. Okome serves as a canvas for other food to express their distinct personalities. It is self-effacing yet ubiquitous. It is simple yet beautiful and fundamental.

Just like arts and sciences, okome is a foundation of life. Okome Studio aspires to provide services through ingeneous combination of science, engineering, and design where creative minds meet scientific thought process and together brew entrepreneurial innovations that build foundations of quality life.

About Taro Sato


Born in Saitama, Japan and raised in the New York Metro area, Taro Sato has been in a perpetual love-hate relationship with computers. What started out as a desire to create Nintendo-like 8-bit games by BASIC and hand-written assembly turned into a profession of number crunching using the latest of software technology. More recently, Taro has worked as a data scientist and software engineer for San Francisco/Silicon Valley startups. He has over 15 years worth of experience building and using scientific computing tools in both academia and industry. An avid user of open-source development environment and adoring the UNIX philosophy, Taro enjoys installing Debian Linux on all his ThinkPads at home.

Taro holds a Ph.D. in physics and has done academic research in condensed-matter physics, astrophysics, and cosmology. He has analyzed some of the largest observational data in astrophysics using high-performance computing facility. The opportunities to analyze electromagnetic signals from distant objects from the far reaches of the universe has been the greatest privilege of his life.

In his free time, Taro enjoys baseball and post-disco funk music from the late-1970s to early-1980s. An avid reader of random books, he is often found in cafes in San Francisco reading about the richness of life through the eyes of science and worrying about an extra sip of coffee preventing him from ever recovering from the late-stage insomnia. Online, Taro frequents quality Q&A sites such as Quora reading and writing about Japanese culture and language among other topics; StackExchange is another one of his favorite sites: profile for Taro Sato on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

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