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Sawicki & Thompson 2006, ApJ, 648, 299

Keck Deep Fields. III. Luminosity-dependent Evolution of the Ultraviolet Luminosity and Star Formation Rate Densities at z~4, 3, and 2 Glaxy UV luminosity density peaks at z = 1 ~ 3, sub-L* galaxies dominate the integrated UV luminosity UV luminosity … Continue reading

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File Manipulation in Linux

In this page I will keep the list of useful file manipulation commands that I often forget. Making & Expanding a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 File For archiving a directory named foo as foo.tar.bz2 file: $ tar cvf – foo | … Continue reading

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Running Scripts at Login or Logout of a KDE Session

Here is the situation: You want to run a customized script when you login or logout of a KDE session. Here is the solution: You can place a custom script in the directory ~/.kde/Autostart to run when you login to … Continue reading

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Formatting a USB Drive with ext4 for Use with Linux

I wish to use an external USB drive exclusively on a Linux system (in my case, Debian).  I want to use the ext4 filesystem. Note that this method wipes out the filesystem on the drive.  Install hotplug-type package such that … Continue reading

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Olympus C-750 on Debian Etch

Note: This may be an obsolete method of using the digital camera with Debian (I would use udev but otherwise let KDE handle it as a simple USB device). I’m keeping this for record. The kernel (2.6.x) must have USB_STORAGE … Continue reading

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GParted, Partition Magic Replacement

For disk partitioning, my Partition Magic replacement for Linux is GParted. I rarely need this now that I don’t use Windows much any more.

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Renewing My Passport

All the info appears to be listed here. For this one I have to visit the consulate general of Japan in person. How inconvenient.

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Getting a Work Permit for Canada

This page appears to have all the information. Looks like I don’t have to travel down to LA just to submit my application, which is good.

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WBC: Japan defeats USA

Japan 9, USA 4. I still think the team USA will come out on top if the game is played in the MLB style: A long season with more than 150 games or so. At the highest level, the best … Continue reading

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Simple Firewall with iptables on Debian

Install iptables: # apt-get install iptables First, make a set of iptables rules and save it to a file (say, /etc/ # BEGIN /etc/ #!/bin/sh iptables -F iptables -P INPUT DROP iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT iptables -P FORWARD DROP iptables … Continue reading

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