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More Japanese Fonts

A few collections of web sites listing stylistic Japanese fonts for download: フリーフォント最前線 脱力系フォントのまとめ 無料で使える日本語フォント11選 Some are free, others are not. My favorite is 国鉄風フォント, which resembles the characters used by kokutetsu, the Japanese national railway system (now JR and … Continue reading

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Astro Software in Debian Lenny

Here my goal is to build a computing environment where Python is the glue of all the astro-related tools (PyRAF, stsci_python, etc.). IRAF In order to use PyRAF, IRAF needs to be installed first. Python At the very least, I … Continue reading

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IRAF on Debian Lenny

Here is my installation note for IRAF (ver 2.14.1) on Debian Lenny. Basically, the installation procedure does not differ much from the one outlined in the official IRAF installation guide. First, create “iraf” user account to the system if it … Continue reading

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Favorite Internet Radio Stations

For funk and soul from 70s & 80s, my favorites are: Very nice funky music from 70s and 80s.  DJ Joerg spins a variety of stuff from disco to 80s contemporary R&B.  I can always listen to a few … Continue reading

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Beautiful (or Cool) Japanese Words?

I’m currently on a personal mission to find a Japanese word to describe my personal operations.  I want to find a word that sounds and look beautiful and/or cool in Japanese as well as in English (when it’s spelled out … Continue reading

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I Was a Great TA

and I have a letter from my student to prove it: Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.11.6/8.11.2) with SMTP id g9RIiBH25703 for ; Sun, 27 Oct 2002 10:44:11 -0800 Message-ID: Received: from [] by via HTTP; … Continue reading

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Updating Flash BIOS off a Bootable CD

Note: These days, computers ship without floppy drives by default, so there may exist a better generic procedure for updating flash BIOS. This instruction is just kept for a historical reason. Flashing BIOS can be dangerous. A typical disclaimer of … Continue reading

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Search for Files Containing a Text

Here is a little BASH script (which I name findstr) to search for the files containing a specified string:

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DEEP2 Pipeline Tips

Custom Extraction To run the DEEP2 pipeline with boxcar extraction with a specified sigma (4.0 here), do: $ echo ‘boxcar_domask,nlsky=0,nsig_boxcar=4.0’ | idl -32 > output.log Alternatively, use boxsprof_domask to use the boxsprof extraction algorithm.

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Printing Out Help When printing out a help for an IRAF task name iraftask, you may want to save papers by multicolumn printing using a2ps. cl> help iraftask | type dev=text > iraftask.txt cl> !a2ps iraftask.txt -2 –medium=letter -o … Continue reading

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