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Tried using scipy.interpolate.bisplrep to obtained a smooth interpolated image. It turns out that this function is not capable of handling 2D image when one side is more than 256 pixels. This should be documented in SciPy… Just a note for … Continue reading

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Wacom Intuos Tablet on Debian Lenny

First, install a package: # apt-get install wacom-tools Add the following lines to /etc/X11/xorg.conf: # Device entries for Wacom Intuous: Section “InputDevice” Identifier “stylus” Driver “wacom” Option “Type” “stylus” Option “Mode” “Absolute” Option “USB” “on” Option “Threshold” “10” Option “Tilt” … Continue reading

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Man, pysao is extremely useful.  Controlling DS9 from Python has never been easier.  Thank you, whoever is developing the software.

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