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Installing MongoDB on Debian Jessie

On Debian, it is of course easy to install: My main use of local database servers is for testing, however, and I don’t want MongoDB to take up more than a few GB under /var/lib for journal files. I can … Continue reading

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Installing PyData Stack on Debian Jessie

Installing NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib has gotten so much easier with PIP, but there are some dependencies that are not taken care of automatically. NumPy: SciPy: Matplotlib: I had some issue with sudo when the installer could not find X. … Continue reading

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Installing PostgreSQL on Debian Jessie

where yourusername is the username of your account. Note that with the -s switch the user will be created as a superuser. For assigning a more restricted role, see the official documentation. Go back to your normal user account, and … Continue reading

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