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Mounting an ext4 Partition over NFS on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

The title says it all.  I want to use a USB drive formatted with ext4 on Snow Leopard.  I mostly use the drive with Linux but sometimes I wish to mount it on my iMac at work to transfer a … Continue reading

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Automounting a USB Hard Drive in Debian Squeeze

I want to automatically mount a USB hard disk drive at a fixed mount point every time it gets plugged in.  I also want to automatically unmount the device from the system when it’s unplugged. With udev, this is easy. … Continue reading

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Formatting a USB Drive with ext4 for Use with Linux

I wish to use an external USB drive exclusively on a Linux system (in my case, Debian).  I want to use the ext4 filesystem. Note that this method wipes out the filesystem on the drive.  Install hotplug-type package such that … Continue reading

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